Superior Quality for a Safer Lift

With proper care and very occasional maintenance, Autostacker might well be the only parking lift you ever use. Superior quality is built into every square inch, from a pure safety perspective to the over-engineered components designed to last as long as possible. We’re extremely particular about our choice of raw materials, and Autostacker is built in genuine BendPak Inc. facilities that we maintain and hold to the highest industry standards.

Quality control

BendPak’s manufacturing facilities encompass over 800,000 covered square feet. It’s here that each Autostacker parking lift is born. The facilities include vertically integrated manufacturing, operations and logistics facilities located across the globe. This ensures the highest bulk orders and lowest transport fees possible—meaning lower customer prices don’t sacrifice quality. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 and ISO 9001:2015 accredited, which puts us in an elite group of businesses that strive to offer the best quality control standards and management in the world.

When it comes to safety, there’s never too much information

Autostacker is not a service lift, so it is not classified in Machinery Directive Annex IV and cannot receive a Notified Body EC Type examination certificate. However, Autostacker actually meets all the technical requirements for this rating, so it nonetheless has a non-notified body certificate from that testing party. Why do we bother telling you this? Because we want you to know that this parking lift is made with the best materials, the best intentions and the highest quality.

Safe Lifts and Great Quality

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