Two-Post Lifts

Two-Post Lifts

Two-Post Lifts

Autostacker vs. Two-Post Lifts

Two-post car lifts are some of the most popular lifts in the world. They’re safe and reliable when used correctly, and they have high lift capacities. At BendPak, we make two-post lifts that hold up to 18,000 lbs. Pretty heavy-duty. So one might wonder, why get a parking lift when a two-post lift holds more weight and offers enough clearance to park a vehicle underneath?

First things first: never, ever park a vehicle under a two-post lift. Your buddy down the street might do it, but guess what? That action voids the warranty if anything should go wrong, and no offense to the buddies down the street out there, but 99% of the problems that happen with maintenance lifts happen because some experienced, long-time mechanic and buddy down the street makes some bad decisions and causes an accident.

We’ve seen all the bad decisions there are to see: well-intentioned people not using frame cradle pads for trucks and SUVs, overloading the front or rear axles, cheating the lift points on the vehicle frame, etc. This is how people get hurt (or killed), vehicles get damaged and lawsuits go nowhere because, as we mentioned, improper use of a car lift totally voids the warranty. These facts remain true for every car lift of every brand, by the way.

“Calm down, Autostacker, you’re getting borderline mean!”

Sorry if we come off a bit harsh, we just have no tolerance for unsafe decision-making and can never support using a two-post lift like it’s a parking lift. Even if it’s a fully certified BendPak, our own brand. With all this in mind, it’s clear why someone would want Autostacker instead of a two-post. Autostacker is meant for parking and two-posts are meant for maintenance. For your own safety, never confuse a maintenance lift for a parking lift.

This has been a public service announcement by Autostacker.