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About Autostacker

About Autostacker

About Autostacker

Our Story

At Autostacker, we can proudly say we’re building a parking lift based on a new philosophy. We recognize that thousands of homeowners and commercial properties are looking for industrial-grade equipment for their garages. Sure, anyone could go with a “hobby” discount brand, but we’re not like those brands, and we know why our customers don’t want us to be. It’s already well into the 21st century, and there are still no parking lifts made specifically for the average home garage. Many brands might claim this distinction, but the fact is simply that many homeowners aren’t gearheads, nor do they work as professional mechanics.

We recognize that if a parking lift fits in a home garage and meets certain dimensions, it will also fit in a commercial lot or auto shop. This “reverse-engineered” philosophy, in which we consider the needs of the home user before the professional applications, is what sets us apart and how we make our mark. Whatever you want to know about putting a car lift in your home garage, shop or commercial lot, this section goes behind the scenes a little bit into what makes Autostacker great.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Don Henthorn is President of Autostacker Don Henthorn President
Jeff Kritzer is Executive Vice President of Autostacker Jeff Kritzer Executive Vice President
Javier Arias is Vice President of Autostacker Javier Arias Vice President
Rudy Diaz is Vice President of Autostacker Rudy Diaz Vice President

Manufacturing Autostacker

Starting with the best raw materials, Autostacker is made to exacting standards each and every time. Our industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders and durable powder coat finish are longstanding hallmarks of the BendPak—and now Autostacker—name.

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Backed by BendPak

Our parent company BendPak is the leading supplier of all car lift companies. Autostacker was designed by those same minds, handcrafted by the same craftsmen, and built in the same state-of-the-art factories. That’s how we manage to offer the best quality, warranty, safety features and overall value.

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Autostacker is Patented

Autostacker is unique enough to have earned the right to several new and exciting patents. It lets us declare Autostacker as “the world’s best fully collapsible parking lift.”

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Safe and Secure Indoors

Keep your precious cargo safe indoors at all times. The outdoors can be treacherous, especially at night: burglars, animals and bad weather are all threats to your most precious property. Weather can play a bigger threat. You can also rest assured knowing that when your car is parked high in the air it will be clear of everyday hazards. Vehicles parked below the Autostacker are protected by a rugged steel barrier.

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