Don Henthorn is President of Autostacker

Don Henthorn


President and owner of BendPak who represents us in the best possible way and is always open and receptive to new ideas.

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Jeff Kritzer is Executive Vice President of Autostacker

Jeff Kritzer

Executive Vice President

Jeff is a multi-talented force in the office. He’s been here for over ​35 years and knows the industry inside and out.

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Javier Arias is Vice President of Autostacker

Javier Arias

V​ice President of Operations

Another 25-year-plus veteran of the company, Javier heads operations at our home base facilities in Santa Paula.

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Rudy Diaz is Vice President of Autostacker

Rudy Diaz

Sr. V​ice President of Information Technology and CIO

Rudy heads our IT department and keeps all our servers and systems updated and secure. He’s the guardian of many schematics and patented trade secrets.

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