Practical Parking Ideas

Practical Parking Ideas

Practical Parking Ideas

7 Practical Parking Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

These days, it seems like parking lots fill up fast, making it harder than ever to find the best spots. Likewise, parking at home can be limited and highly restrictive. Whether you own a business or just want practical parking ideas to spark your imagination, there's something on this list for you. These parking tips will help you increase parking capacity, save space and even earn more profit.

Parking Ideas for Home Garages

As your family expands (or simply your own collection of cars), your driveway is bound to get overcrowded. There are many solutions out there: rent extra storage space, sell some of your cars, tell the kids to move out (maybe hold off on that) or add parking space. The last solution is undoubtedly the best of all worlds. Keep your cars, hold the family together and do it all without expanding your property through expensive excavations.

Autostacker offers one of the most practical parking ideas for home garages because it hardly takes up more room than the average parking lot space. That's about how much room you need to pull a car into a garage. Since Autostacker doesn't have side posts or obstructing columns, it looks sleeker and fits better in home garages than other parking lifts. It doesn't take a car enthusiast or mechanic to appreciate what this home car lift has to offer.

Parking Ideas for Small Spaces

Autostacker is just as practical of a parking idea for small spaces as it is for open spaces. The secret to Autostacker's versatility: the absence of any side posts and a patented inclined platform. Rather than outfit Autostacker with extended ramps that jut out way in front of the lift, we inclined the entire deck. In doing so, we allow low-stance, high-value cars like Porsche, Ferrari or Corvette to load up without scratching the vehicle's nose.

There are other parking ideas for small spaces, but they're less practical because they're expensive and high-maintenance. In-ground lifts certainly look sharp, but they cost tens of thousands of dollars, not counting the excavations, permits, electrical, repainting, etc. Autostacker doesn't even need to be bolted into the ground, doubles your parking and costs a fraction of other small-space lifts.

Parking Ideas for Apartments

Apartment parking is almost always tight, so Autostacker just might be the parking idea for apartments that changes the game. When tenants sign a lease, they're often assigned a parking space, the price of which is usually included in the rent. However, that's not enough space if they have company over or own multiple vehicles. If you want to be the world's most forward-thinking landlord, considered adding an Autostacker to some of those spaces. You'll be able to charge a bit more for the extra parking, thus recouping your small investment in less time than you think.

It's well known that apartment parking can be a nightmare for tenants, and safety is not the least of those concerns. People who park in open/public spaces worry about a lot: theft, vandalism, animals, nature and other forms of accidental damage. By lifting your vehicle in the air, many of those fears are eliminated because the lift offers significant protection. The lower-level vehicle is surrounded by Autostacker's protective frame, and the upper-level vehicle is up and out of harm's way. It's not a parking compromise to get a parking lift as low-profile and practical as Autostacker. In some cases, Autostacker is quite possibly the only practical parking idea for apartments.

Parking Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

Congratulations! Your venue is the perfect destination wedding, and your convention center is secluded and intimate, yet large enough for outdoor weddings of nearly any size. There's only one problem: there's not enough parking. If you want to convert your wedding space from great to greater, you'll need a valet service and an environmentally friendly means of fitting more vehicles. That's where the Autostacker parking lift comes into play. It's wide enough to fit light-duty trucks, yet compact enough to fit within the white lines marking the average parking space.

A line of these beauties can all connect to a single industrial-sized power unit, further saving you money while maximizing your parking ability. Not to mention, the parking deck is fully galvanized, making it ideal for outdoor weddings that may be subject to adverse weather conditions. If you're looking at parking ideas for outdoor weddings, Autostacker is a smart, if unlikely, choice.

If you want a fun idea for your outdoor wedding, and you're a car enthusiast, Autostacker makes a great wedding altar. Park your "just married" getaway ride on top, lower the lift after the ceremony and cruise away in style. Autostacker is just what you need for a slick, safe bit of fun on your Big Day!

Parking Ideas for Small Houses

This is one of our favorite parking ideas on this list because parking outside small homes can be a tricky thing. The whole idea behind minimalist living is to reduce one's carbon footprint and generally eliminate as much excess and waste as possible. Hence, small houses. It's a fine idea, but even owners of environmentally friendly electric vehicles and hybrids need space to park. Small homes don't always have a garage, so establishing safe outdoor parking is a must. Autostacker lets you save space by generously fitting two vehicles in a space that would otherwise only hold one.

Unfortunately, there aren't many practical parking ideas for small houses other than tiny, add-on garages. Autostacker is less expensive than a garage build, and it's perfectly suited for the outdoors. Its galvanized deck resists rust and corrosion, while its durable power coat protects your lift for years. If your small home has a parking area about the size of a parking lot space, you can fit an Autostacker home lift, double your parking and eliminate the stress of a crowded driveway.

Autostacker Tiny Homes

Parking Ideas for Malls

There are many ways to park at shopping malls, and commercial parking systems are only getting more creative and innovative in their approaches. However, some of the most stunning parking systems are also the most expensive. Automatic "robo" parking garages are a big hit in some wealthy, urban communities, but not everyone has the time or resources to build at that scale. Plus, it takes a very, very long time to recoup an investment in this technology.

Most mall committees would jump at the chance to increase their mall's parking capacity without having to build heavy infrastructure. Autostacker parking lifts don't need to cover every square foot of space in a parking lot, but they do serve well for VIP and valet designated parking areas. The lift structure offers increased protection for vehicles, as well as a fast way to increase profits overnight.

Parking Ideas for Business

Small, medium and large businesses have at least one thing in common: They need space for their employees to park. While employees are unlikely to get much use out of a parking lift (that would be a little weird), business owners need safe ways of storing company vehicles. Since company cars can sometimes sit for days without use, they're often just taking up space, collecting rail dust and pollen.

Instead, protect them with a parking lift. You'll use half as much space, and both vehicles will be safe from most environmental damage. We recommend parking the lesser-used vehicle on top, and add a cover for extra protection. This leaves the other vehicle easy to access at all times. Autostacker is safe for outdoor use, so even you live near the beach or experience heavy rainfall, your lift—and vehicles— will be fine.

Hopefully, this article provided you with some practical parking ideas that you can implement right away. With Autostacker, all you need is ample ceiling space (not applicable if you're parking outdoors) and a patch of land/cement about the size of a parking space. Be sure to let us know if you have a parking need that isn't addressed here, and we'll see how we can help you out.