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Valet Parking Service

Valet Parking Service

5 Compelling Reasons Autostacker Benefits Valet Parking Service

The nation's population is expanding, and there are more vehicles on the road than ever before. All this equates to a greater need for parking. If you're like us, you probably see that these conditions make for an excellent business opportunity.

The data supports this idea: parking lots and garages are experiencing quite a boom. Public parking is a $25+ billion dollar industry, and it's growing bigger every year. This growth comes in spite of the fact that space is increasingly limited, and the price of real estate has rebounded, making expansion into new plots more expensive than ever. For businesses (restaurants, public lots, etc.) to fully maximize their profits, they need to provide stand-out services that are safe, efficient and in some cases, aesthetically appealing.

Not to mention, more and more customers expect valet service to be available anywhere they go. This is where your business savvy is really going to be put to the test. Autostacker is a revolutionary parking lift design that's ideal for businesses looking to save space and increase parking capacity, so it's ideal for valet services. Here are five compelling reasons why.

1. 67% Of Americans Use Valet Services

First off, a bit of statistics. Two-thirds of surveyed Americans prefer to use valet. In some crowded/urban areas, that number approaches 75% who use valet service. Why? When the economy is doing well, more people are open to paying for valet convenience over the hassle of self-parking. Self-parking lots are tedious to maneuver around in the best circumstances and can be expensive. Even if there's an additional surcharge to valet, it doesn't really break anyone's bank compared to self-parking.

It's not just the owners of parking structures who benefit: high-end restaurants, as well as valet companies and the individual members of valet service teams, stand to make a lot of money when valet replaces self-park systems. When parking is out in the public eye, customers with eye-drawing luxury and exotic vehicles bring more than just another car: they bring eye candy for your business. Drivers of Bentleys, Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis (among others) often go so far as to demand greater visibility for their vehicles. So give the people what they want, and receive more attention, tips and profit as a result.

At many establishments, the patronage of the elite helps create an ambience of sophistication and exclusivity that draws customers of all walks of life. Autostacker is a space-conscious parking lift, but it also improves the look of your space. That might not mean much to a valet service that parks off in some far-away structure, but restaurants, hotels and others in the entertainment and hospitality industries thrive on appearances as much as efficiency.

2. Valet Minimizes Investment. Autostacker Maximizes Space.

With real estate prices approaching record highs in some areas, nothing could be sweeter than a series of high-grade parking lifts that keep your space affordable, profitable and organized at all times. Autostacker benefits valet services in two ways regarding space. First, it eliminates the need to make costly expansions or purchase additional, tax-heavy real estate. This significantly reduces start-up costs for new businesses, as well as expansion costs for existing businesses.

Second, businesses get to set their own fees for valet services, so more desirable locations will likely draw a higher valet rate. It's not hard to quickly cover the costs of real estate, insurance and wages, and Autostacker will essentially double your parking capacity without long-term costs or investments. Now you have the potential to make your earnings soar. It's worth repeating that Autostacker maintains an exceptional, professional look. Busy valet professionals don't even need to stress about keeping up with the fast pace of the job, since Autostacker features door protectors to ensure precious sports cars won't get dinged against the scissor arms.

3. Valet Is Safer, And So Is Autostacker

Personal safety is a priority whenever we step out of our homes. Parking in public lots tends to create one of those "hope I'm not one of those people on the news saying, 'I never thought it would happen to me,' " situations. The heightened risk of burglary, auto theft, etc. tends to leave us all a little bit on alert in less-than-comfortable spaces. Valet is an answer to that problem. Customers get to leave their cars curbside and walk straight into their destination. They're usually more than willing to pay for the convenience.

Our parking lift is wide enough for most cars, trucks and SUVs, and the galvanized upper deck eliminates fluid drips from harming vehicles on the lower level. The scissor superstructures prevent scratches and bumps from cars and other environmental hazards, and the rubber Door-sentry™ protection prevents door slams from ruining anyone's day. All that in a parking-stall-sized car stacker.

4. Increase Your Parking Options

Autostacker is a classier way to double the parking of any valet lot, but even a few lifts make for a great start. An industrial-grade power unit can string up to ten lifts together from a single power source, so you're not cluttering your space with power unit consoles. If you only installed two or three Autostacker lifts, that's still thousands in extra revenue that won't take long to make a difference to your bottom line. The more cars you can park, the more money everyone makes, including the business and the valet team.

As you see the benefits of adding a fleet of lifts to your lot, we're confident you'll want to add Autostackers, at least a few at a time. We've made expansion easy as pie. As long as there's a space about the width of a normal parking spot, Autostacker is easy to install in just a few hours. The upper deck is made for low-profile sports cars, and its max rise graciously accommodates high-rise pick-up trucks, so your options for parking are nearly unlimited with this incredible machine.

5. Prestige is... Prestigious

There's nothing more gratifying than being known as the "prestigious" enterprise among your competitors. Our goal for Autostacker is to instantly add to the prestige of your establishment. It simply looks unlike any other car lift ever made. The intrigue factor is there, and when you look cutting-edge, people notice. There are plenty of parking lifts in the world, and anyone with a hefty loan from a bank can get going on a new parking structure. But why go through the trouble when Autostacker gets the hard work done easy? We say, enjoy the prestige of a worthy fleet of parking lifts, as well as the extra bucks that come your way.