Why choose the Autostacker parking lift?

All parking lifts are meant to do the same basic task. They lift one vehicle on a platform, so you can park another vehicle directly underneath. Simple, right? However, just because the basic task is the same does not mean all parking lifts are equal. Some of Autostacker’s stand-out differences are obvious just by looking at it, but others are more subtle.

Space-Saving Parking Lift

Autostacker is made without side posts, so you can utilize more space around the lift. Autostacker's parking lift structure is only as wide as it needs to be, fits into a normal parking space and easily holds cars, light-duty trucks, crossovers and some SUVs.

Save Space
Autostacker Parking Lift Has a Space-Saving Design
Autostacker Parking Lift Has Low-Profile Platform Ramp

Low-Profile Entry

The patented design of Autostacker’s platform deck inclines gently from the loading ramp to the wheel trough. This permits extreme low-stance vehicles easy access onto the platform. Other parking lifts achieve this only by adding long, intrusive loading ramps, while some car lifts will simply scratch up the bottom of your car. Autostacker makes loading smooth, safe and easy.

Easy Access

Door-Sentry™ Protection

When parked in the lower level of a parking lift, there's a risk that your car doors will swing open and bash against the lift. Not with Autostacker. Our patented Door-sentry rubber door protectors are built right into the collapsible scissor superstructures, so when you step out of your vehicle, you can be confident that our design is protecting your property.

No Door Dings
Autostacker Parking Lift Allows You To Open Doors Wide
Autostacker Parking Lift has Easy Controls

Simple Push-Button Controls

An easy-to-use, upfront console features highly visible, ergonomic push-button controls, including an emergency stop that immediately cuts power to the lift when pressed. The stand-up console contains the power unit and hydraulic tank. With a continuous hold on the Up button, Autostacker goes from lowered to full-rise in just 55 seconds. Multi-unit master power units are capable of powering up to 12 units with individual control boxes at each Autostacker.

Simple Controls

Galvanized Steel Platform

A durable, interlocking galvanized-steel platform securely screws into the parking lift structure. Waterproof and weatherproof, the platform can take the heat, rain, sleet and shine. Perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor parking lots and structures, it’s completely rust-proof and will stand the test of time.

Patented Platform
Autostacker Parking Lift with Galvanized Steel Platform
Autostacker Parking Lift Design Features

One-Of-A-Kind Parking Lift Design

The most striking thing about Autostacker is the way it looks when fully lowered. When the parking lift platform is raised, part of the inner scissor function is indented and tailored for a durable rubber pad. The pad protects car doors against dings and dents, and the indention allows the pad to collapse with the arm without being damaged. Dual hydraulic cylinders power the lift to its maximum lock position in about 55 seconds.

Unique Design
Autostacker parking lift with optional removeable center panel

Optional Removable Access Panels

Want to change your oil or access the undercarriage of your car for routine maintenance and service? Autostacker's removable access panels permit operators at home or in the shop to get underneath the lift and get work done. Replaces three platform panels.

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