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Our goal is to offer a smart-looking parking structure that’s superior in every way possible. Most importantly, we don’t compromise on safety. That’s also why we don’t call Autostacker a “cheap” or “discount” parking lift. There’s enough garbage in the world, wouldn’t you say?

We offer the best without cutting corners—and by thinking outside the box. After analyzing the current market saturation of four-post parking lifts and “tilt” lifts, we put a twist on a familiar parking lift design. For one, the Autostacker mechanical parking lift system uses less steel than other lifts. It also benefits from an efficient scissor-lift function, dual-action hydraulic cylinders and five automatic lock positions. Even in a worst-case scenario, such as a sudden hydraulic hose rupture, the platform would remain indefinitely suspended on the locks.

The Zero Post Solution

The most obvious thing we did was eliminate the side posts. Some parking lifts come with four posts, some with two, but we wanted to create something collapsible and eye-pleasing in your garage. We imagined a parking lift that would combine the tilt lift’s low-profile ramp with the vertical rise of a true scissor lift. In an engineering sense, this leads to savings for you: less steel, less complicated engineering.

Engineering Solution

We eliminated the “moment-loading” stress that comes with four-post and two-post lifts. If this term is unfamiliar to you, it refers to the amount of stress that comes from a tilting load that “falls” perpendicular to an object. Consider those single-column traffic lights on the roadside that stretch across the street. Each column is designed to handle that heavy, perpendicular arm holding up the traffic lights. The offset weight is awkward, mechanically speaking, which makes the structure less efficient and more costly to build.

Let’s turn back to parking lift structures. Clearly, moment-loading is a very specific kind of engineering. While commonly seen, moment-loading reduces a lift’s ability to raise weight without adding stress to the support columns. So, we came up with a solution. Autostacker’s scissor mechanisms, conveniently located on either side of the ramp, push up directly underneath your vehicle. This eliminates torque, as well as moment-loading. It also allows Autostacker to lift more than other parking lifts. Ultimately, this design explains the Autostacker’s extraordinarily small footprint.

Better Ownership Solution

It’s hard to find a car lift made for the home garage that also works for commercial purposes. After all, the average home garage is obviously smaller than commercial garages. At the same time, commercial lots earn more when they fit more vehicles. So, even if there’s more square footage in a commercial lot, the need for a compact parking lift is the same.

Autostacker’s design addresses the two biggest problems with making one lift for both residential and commercial spaces: it eliminates space-consuming side posts and does away with tilting platforms. The Autostacker design is one-of-a-kind among all current home car lifts and mechanical parking lift systems. Why? Its collapsible design, minimal footprint and level-lifting platform make it the first stacker that can be confidently used for any parking purpose.

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