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If you’re ready to click that “Buy” button, you’re about to make a big decision. After all, a parking lift is a sizeable investment. It will improve the quality of your life and clear up a significant amount of space in your garage and/or driveway. You deserve a great shopping experience, friendly customer service and the best final product money can buy. We’re here to make that happen for you.

Make safety first

With all the safety features that we put into Autostacker, we can confidently say our car lift is completely safe at max rated capacity. Autostacker adheres to stringent electrical, hydraulic and mechanical standards. Please feel free to compare our safety features to other lifts’ features, and decide for yourself how Autostacker stacks up.

Do your parking lift homework

Before buying a home car lift, get your measurements done and double-check them. Know how much space you have to work with. If you’re uncertain about anything, our sales team can help you out. Installation requires some space around the lift. It doesn’t even have to be much, but the lift can’t be wall-to-wall with mere millimeters to spare. Also, know the weight of your vehicles, as well as their respective heights, and do not exceed 6,000 lbs. on the lift platform. Since every parking configuration is unique, it’s up to you to measure the combined height of your vehicles along with your ceiling clearances and ensure they will fit together on a parking lift.

Consider long-term costs vs. short-term price.

We’ve always believed in the phrase “you get what you pay for.” That being said, we’re extremely price-conscious because we know you deserve a fair price. We might cost more than some of the cheap-o brands out there because there are areas of our production we simply can’t compromise on: safety, quality control and materials used are chief among them. A low-priced parking lift is not necessarily a “deal.” The quality of the critical components, including structure and welds, cables, hydraulics, lift carriages, etc. must be taken into account when determining price.

If you buy cheap, those parts are not necessarily cost-effective to replace, and the risk of lift failure can result in a lot more than a broken cylinder. That’s why we don’t play around with quality, and we don’t try to sell you on “being cheap.” We want to sell you on being the best.

Consider these Do’s before you buy:

  • Do buy a new parking lift. Approach used lifts with extreme caution.
  • Do install your lift on an appropriate floor surface.
  • Do consider floor slope and consult how it affects the parking lift model.
  • Do measure your garage dimensions before purchasing.
  • Do ask about the reasons behind pricing.
  • Do factor in future vehicles you want to own when considering weight capacity.

Hopefully, this parking lift buyer’s guide has been useful. Please contact us immediately with any outstanding questions you may have. We return all calls and answer all emails. And we always find the best solution for your needs.

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