11 Important Home Car Parking Lift Tips for Shoppers

1. A smaller footprint gets you more

A parking lift defeats its own purpose if it takes up too much space in your garage. The smaller its structural footprint, the more you’ll enjoy your investment. Wide steel columns and posts may look unsightly in am operation where professional parking service is rendered, or a residential garage where homeowner's associations may disapprove. Posts and columns also restrict options where space is precious. Autostacker is designed to fully collapse when not in use, and it doesn’t use columns to mark its presence.

2. Make installation safe & easy

Autostacker has an enormous network of professional parking lift installation companies across the globe that can assist you in the installation of your Autostacker garage parking lift. We’ll set you up with the company and they will help you from there. Autostacker home car lift customer service is always an email away should you need us for anything or have questions. We can be reached at

3. Safety locks are vital

Automatic lock devices are the main safety feature found on modern parking lift systems. The Autostacker has five variable height locking positions, and each engages automatically as the parking lift ramp rises. Safety locks serve two purposes - they prevent the lift from falling during any catastrophic failure of a critical load-holding component and also provide variable height park positions to accommodate different vehicle and ceiling heights. Autostacker, with no cables, chains or other suspension components to speak of, has virtually no risk of failure. Simply put, Autostacker is an extremely safe and efficient home car lift.

4. Price may not reflect quality

Unless you're a disciplined buyer, the instinct to favor cheap runs deep. From youth, we learn to bargain hunt. Cheap stuff is usually cheap for good reason though and it's unlikely that you will be rewarded for “saving money” on an inexpensive parking lift. In fact, the contrary is true. The cheaper lift may seem to be a better value because they cost you less but is this really true?

We understand that pricing plays a huge part in any major purchase, and the Autostacker price can appear high when compared to other cheap options, but investing a few more dollars now may save you a much larger amount a few years down the road.

Like with any other equipment you purchase, you want to make sure you do all the appropriate due diligence when it comes time to buying a parking lift. Make sure you ask the equipment seller to provide you with a few references of other people who have bought similar equipment. After checking the references, make sure you request manuals and spare parts guides prior to making your purchase. Any legitimate supplier should gladly supply these documents to you at no charge. This will give you a good idea of their support capabilities and professional candor. If the seller is unable or unwilling to provide these essential articles to you, expect to receive the same poor service when it comes time to delivery, installation and warranty. It would also be wise (even if just a fun challenge) to ask the vendor to supply you their engineering calculations. Any legitimate maker of lifts should be able to give you at the very least a sampling of their long-math calculations proving the lift was designed by professional engineers and built by a company who endorses safe manufacturing practices. When exploring too-good-to-be-true "deals", there is a chance that the seller has no experience in the industry. They are just selling lifts with little care for design, functionality, or quality. Little-to-no customer service can be expected, and the soon-to-follow poor communication should be a deterrent as well.

A big difference is quality of the steel and welding used to manufacture the parking lift. With lower quality stainless steel, fatigue, failure and corrosion can result. Uncertified welding processes can lead to catastrophic failure. Welding must be done under very strict conditions. A substandard weld will have microtubules formed in the weld, which are incredibly small holes which weaken the weld and allow for corrosion to occur, degrading the weld even further. Typically, lesser priced equipment does not adopt strict standards of operator's safety.

If you cannot afford the cost of proper equipment by all means try it, but make sure you financially plan to scrap it sooner than expected because it will not stand up to constant use. Many BendPak customers first bought cheap and then quickly came to us for a suitable replacement. Parking lift purchase consideration should depend on many factors.

Items to consider:

  1. What are you going to use it for?
  2. What space restraints to you have?
  3. What is your ceiling height and do the lift locking positions suit your vehicles?
  4. What is the value of the vehicles being stored on it?
  5. What is the speed you need to run?
  6. What is your price point and how is “value” being measured?
  7. What type of quality concerns do you need / have?
  8. How long can you afford to be down?
  9. Is there a dealer or service provider in your area?

5. Parking lifts are not maintenance lifts

We won’t spend much time on this here, but it is an important distinction. Parking lifts serve one very specific purpose: they create an additional parking space. Four-post maintenance lifts don’t have a single, solid ramp that stretches across the lift structure; rather, they feature two wheel ramps, so users can access their vehicles’ undercarriages. Four-post vehicle lifts are bulkier than the Autostacker parking lift and take up more space.

6. Parking lifts eliminate remote storage

Remote storage facilities are an absolute waste of money as a long-term storage option. The upfront costs may seem low at first, but there’s no return on investment there. If you have storage needs, a parking lift will create space in your garage while saving you thousands in storage fees. If you need long-term storage for your vehicle, you can’t beat the longevity and investment return of a high-quality parking lift.

7. A parking lift should be made to last

The Autostacker parking lift meets or exceeds all relevant conditions for safety certification. Official third-party CE examination involves rigorous testing to ensure high structural durability, so a well-maintained and properly used parking lift that meets CE standards is guaranteed to hold up over time.

8. Weight capacity is not the final selling point

We should clarify a point about weight capacity and safety. If you have a truck that weighs 7,000 lbs. and the Autostacker parking lift is rated for 6,000 lbs., it’s very simple: you should not raise your vehicle with our parking lift. Park the 7,000 lb. truck underneath instead.

Once you determine that your parking lift can manage the appropriate weight capacity, consider the other elements that will ultimately determine your satisfaction with your purchase: its footprint, drive-through space, visibility when collapsed, third-party safety certification and more. If a company brags more about their lift’s weight capacity than their other features, they’re probably compensating for a lack of the additional features and critical safety elements.

9. Security and peace of mind

Parking lifts protect your vehicle from weather exposure, theft and incidental damage. They’re powerful, sturdy machines that are safe to lift vehicles for indefinite periods of time. Whether you live in a hot, cold, temperate or ranging climate, a parking lift protects your vehicle from the elements. The more cars you can fit in your garage, the better protected you’ll be!

Many of our clients appreciate the added value of parking their car up and out of the way, clear of everyday threats and chance occurrences that plague cars left idle in their surroundings. Whatever your car parking phobia may be, you’ll be instantly relieved when you realize your vehicle is parked high and out of range of kids, pets and vandals.

Vehicles parked below the Autostacker are protected by a barrier that prevents nearby swinging car doors from making contact with your car; it also protects your vehicle against scratches, dings and dents often caused by toys, bikes, trashcans or other property being carelessly hauled through garage aisles. The Autostacker acts as vehicle sentry, guarding against the calamities of typical garage chaos and clutter.

10. Parking lifts make an affordable home expansion

Let’s take a slight detour from parking lifts and talk about home expansions and property value. Expansions are a great way to add value to your property, but just how much value is debatable. It costs thousands—quite often tens of thousands—to knock out walls, excavate, etc. Furthermore, property values are always in flux, and you can often save money by putting the ten thousand you didn’t spend into the cost of your next home (if you’re moving).

If you need more space to work and live, the garage is a good place to start, and parking lifts are an easy solution. Without having to build a new home, a parking lift essentially “creates” a new room next to your lift. Are you looking to add a work station to your home? An office? A recreation zone? Garage storage to reclaim one of your rooms from too much clutter? Whatever it is, a parking lift can help make that space.

11. A home car lift is impressive

Whether the primary goal is to create space, protect your property, eliminate the daily driveway car shuffle or just live a little better, you will surely benefit from a parking lift. Autostacker is the first parking lift of its kind that fully collapses yet raises high enough to clear a light-duty truck or SUV. This beautiful, futuristic piece of technology was designed and engineered in the USA, and yes, we’re looking to impress the entire world with our lift. Oh, and for the big grin on your face that happens every time when you press the UP button on your garage door opener, you’re welcome. You’re the envy of your neighborhood. Cherish the feeling.

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