Access Panel

Removable Access Panel / Optional


This removable access panel replaces two portions of galvanized decking on the Autostacker, permitting undercarriage access that doesn't interfere with vehicle loading/unloading. Two panels will turn Autostacker into a fully open-center maintenance lift.



Autostacker is a world-class parking lift with a deck comprised of bolt-on, interlocking galvanized deck panels. If you wish to perform vehicle maintenance with your lift, we offer a removable, stainless-steel center-access panel that replaces two galvanized deck panels per access panel. This optional accessory can be adjusted anywhere under the vehicle, so oil changes are a cinch on any make and model. Plus, multiple access panels (up to 2 total) can replace parts of the galvanized deck at the fore and aft locations to permit complete access to your vehicle's undercarriage, turning your parking lift into a full-fledged maintenance lift. With the center panel removed, vehicles will still be able to drive on and off the lift.

While Autostacker is first and foremost a parking tool, the access panel is a conversion tool that gives Autostacker the same capability as a four-post lift, and then some! It offers a higher rises than most column-structure lifts, and it takes up significantly less space in the garage. A single panel is ideal if you're just interested in the occasional oil change, but we recommend all two if you want to combine incredible parking power with full-service capability. Once you're done servicing your vehicle, simply place the stainless steel platforms back over the access port to prevent fluids from dripping on the lower-parked vehicle.

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