Free Shipping: Domestic Freight Policy

Autostacker wants to give our customers FREE SHIPPING. It’s just one of the many reasons to shop with us for your parking lift. Most Autostacker freight deliveries will SHIP FREE to the buyer; however, we advise you to contact either Autostacker or an authorized Autostacker dealer for a full list of items that qualify for free shipping.

Free shipping applies to the continental United States (48 states) and generally does not apply to accessory items or service parts, which are subject to a per-price charge determined by package weight and destination.

Autostacker is happy to select a freight carrier that will offer you the best rates and service for your location. Buyers who prefer a different carrier to deliver their package will be responsible for covering an additional 5% freight surcharge when they place their order.

AUTOSTACKER DOES NOT RECOGNIZE REQUESTS FOR C.O.D. SHIPMENTS. We will usually ship items under 150 lbs. via FedEx ground; however, some items will not be shipped via FedEx due to case-by-case alternations in the purchase order, package size and weight, and hazardous materials restrictions. Some items may also have additional hazardous-materials charges.

Rural Area Transportation Zones - Surcharge

A very small percentage of ZIP codes in the United State are subject to what is called a RATZ (Rural Area Transportation Zones) surcharge. These regions are very rural and tend to be isolated from major transportation centers and highway/transportation systems.

Even if a delivery qualifies for FREE SHIPPING, it may still be subject to a RATZ surcharge. This incidental charge relates to shipping addresses located in rural shipping destination zones, and rates are determined based on transport lanes, accessibility to highways, etc. These remote destinations tend to be non-direct shipping areas and have higher delivery costs. Autostacker keeps a list of regions subject to RATZ shipping rates. While the vast majority of shipping destinations in the continental United States are not subject to this charge, we want to provide full transparency and access for our most rural customers.

Accessorial Charges – Freight Surcharges

While most Autostacker domestic orders qualify for FREE SHIPPING, some freight services require substantial pick up, transport and/or delivery and are subject to additional accessorial charges. Certified Autostacker dealers will be responsible for paying these charges, which may incur when the dealer is first invoiced or after delivery. Please refer to this list to identify accessorial fees that will apply to domestic orders:

Lift Gate Service

Buyers receiving shipments that require a loading dock or specialized handling equipment must have the necessary equipment for delivery made available at the time of delivery. If on-site materials are insufficient, and a lift gate service is required to unload the delivery, a $135.00 fee will be added to the order.

Residential Pick Up / Delivery

A $40.00 fee will apply to all residential deliveries and private properties. Any order that does not list a ship-to BUSINESS NAME will be assumed residential and charged accordingly. Please note: apartments, schools, day cares, camps, farms, public storage facilities, and any building or location not generally considered a commercial zone will be fall under the “private residence” description and incur the fee.

Re-Delivery / Return Trip

A $75.00 fee will be billed for each and every re-delivery or return trip.

Pre-Delivery Phone Notification / Appointments

A $5.00 fee will incur if buyer requires phone notification for appointment delivery.

Waiting Time

Drivers may charge a fee if they have to wait longer than reasonably can be expected for unloading to take place. The fee itself will be based on how long the driver waits.

Storage Charges

If the buyer stalls delivery and requires the delivery service to stow or hold onto the package for a given period of time, a charge will be levied based on how long the package remains in locker, truck or on a dock.

Special Delivery Destinations / Limited Access

A minimum $100.00 fee will apply to all deliveries that must adhere to high-security protocol: schools, farms, military bases, prisons, government buildings, resort properties, trade shows, convention centers, etc.


If at any point during mid-delivery a package needs to be reconsigned to a new shipping location, the buyer will be held responsible for the outbound rate per mile, to be applied from the original delivery point to the reconsigned destination.

Please review our outline of order change fees

Order change fee—Production Stage

A $45 nonrefundable fee will apply to any order change made during the production (pre-shipment) stage of your order processing. Consequent changes will result in addition $45 nonrefundable fees per order change. If you need to make any change(s) to your order, be sure to make them all at once to avoid additional fees.

Order change fee—Shipment Stage

A $75 nonrefundable will apply to any order change made when your order is in the final stages of production and is ready to be shipped.

Order cancellation fee—Production Stage

A $75 nonrefundable will apply to any order cancellation made while your package is being prepared for shipment.

Order cancellation fee—Shipment Stage

If you cancel an order that has not yet shipped but has reached the final shipment stage, a non-refundable A $125.00 nonrefundable service fee will apply to any cancelled order that is in the final stages of production and is ready to be shipped.

Order cancellation fee - After Order has been Shipped

A 20% restocking fee will be charged in addition to all applicable outbound and inbound shipping charges incurred by Autostacker.

Alaska, Hawaii, Us Virgin Islands And Puerto Rico

Additional freight charges will apply for all shipments destined for Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Additional freight charges also apply for expedited, guaranteed or definite delivery requests. Please contact your Autostacker dealer or contact our sales department for quotes prior to placing your order.

Final Delivery

Autostacker is not responsible for additional charges incurred by the buyer in the following cases:

  • The purchasing or renting of equipment necessary for the process of unloading any delivery.
  • Charges with regards to residential area restrictions on vehicle size and weight, as applicable. No fees will be assessed if the charges are prepaid prior to delivery.
  • Charges with regards to deliveries that require a lift-gate. No fees will be assessed if the charges are prepaid prior to delivery.

Freight Damage

Shipments should be thoroughly inspected by consignee as soon as they are received. The signed Bill of Lading is acknowledgement by the carrier of receipt in good condition of shipment covered by the Bill of Lading. If any of the goods called for on the Bill of Lading are shorted or damaged, consignees should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or damaged goods.

Concealed Damage

The consignee should inspect the product immediately upon delivery. A signed Bill of Lading is a legally binding acknowledgement that the package arrived in full and in good condition. If significant damage is obvious upon initial inspection, the consignee should not accept the package until the carrier notes the damage or shortage on the freight bill. Significant damage does not include minor or aesthetic damage, such as scratches or small dents in the packaging material or product itself.

When to IMMEDIATELY Notify Your Freight Carrier

If loss or damage of any kind is recognized upon product delivery, the consignee is solely responsible for notifying the carrier. To be eligible for a refund or replacement, this needs to be done as soon as possible. Additionally, the consignee should request that the carrier perform an inspection within 48 hours of delivery. If this is not possible, he or she should compose a signed statement that the carrier has been notified yet failed to perform an inspection upon request. In this statement, note the carrier’s name, in addition to the time and date of delivery.

If this is not handled correctly and promptly, it will be hard to collect for loss or damages—do not give the carrier a clear receipt if you suspect functional damages to your package. Your claim should be filed with the carrier, along with a cargo loss and damage claim form, multiple copies of the bill of lading, a product invoice, photographs and an inspection claim that is given to you be the carrier after the inspection is complete. Autostacker is more than happy to help you file your claim, but Autostacker is not liable for collecting claims or replacing lost or damaged materials that occurred during shipping and/or delivery.

Missing Or Incorrect Products/Parts

Autostacker has full discretion as to which parts it will consider replacing free-of-charge, but the consignee must identify and report, in full, the missing or incorrect items to Autostacker’s Customer Service Department within 30 days of date of receipt of order. If missing or incorrect products/parts are not reported within 30 days of the receipt of order, they will not be replaced.

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