Access Panel

Access Panel

This removable access panel replaces three portions of galvanized decking on the Autostacker, permitting undercarriage access that doesn't interfere with vehicle loading/unloading. Three panels will turn Autostacker into a fully open-center maintenance lift.



Autostacker is a world-class parking lift with a deck comprised of bolt-on, interlocking galvanized deck panels. If you wish to perform vehicle maintenance with your lift, we offer a removable, stainless-steel center-access panel that replaces three galvanized deck panels per access panel. This optional accessory can be adjusted anywhere under the vehicle, so oil changes are a cinch on any make and model. Plus, multiple access panels (up to 3 total) can totally replace the galvanized deck to permit complete access to your vehicle's undercarriage, turning your parking lift into a full-fledged maintenance lift. With the center panel removed, vehicles will still be able to drive on and off the lift.

While Autostacker is first and foremost a parking tool, the access panel is a conversion tool that gives Autostacker the same capability as a four-post lift, and then some! It offers a higher rises than most column-structure lifts, and it takes up significantly less space in the garage. A single panel is ideal if you're just interested in the occasional oil change, but we recommend all three if you want to combine incredible parking power with full-service capability. Once you're done servicing your vehicle, simply place the stainless steel platforms back over the access port to prevent fluids from dripping on the lower-parked vehicle.

  • 6,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Key-switch disconnect fully disables operation for enhanced security
  • Audible alarm and warning buzzer alerts operator and bystanders when the lift is in operation.
  • Accommodates cars, light trucks and SUVs
  • Rugged, welded-steel construction is strong and durable
  • 100% hot-dipped, galvanized steel platform
  • Attractive slate gray, baked-on powder coat finish provides added toughness
  • Front wheel dish acts as a wheel chock to prevent vehicles from rolling forward or backward
  • Full-width, gradual sloping platform reduces entry ramp height
  • Automatic safety locks engage at six different parking heights
  • Simple push-button controls
  • Dual, direct-drive hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Dependable hydraulic circuit that provides precise, equalized lifting
  • Variable height parking accommodates a wide range of vehicle and ceiling heights
  • Contoured scissor legs provide rigidity, decreased deflection and a low collapsed height
  • Full-width, straight-through axles increase overall stability and tracking through the vertical travel range
  • Full-width pivot pins promote straighter tracking of the scissor legs throughout travel—vital for eccentric loads
  • Extra-wide, heavy-duty steel scissor arms with cross member bracing enhance stability
  • Unique clevis-design scissor ends lower stress and increase rigidity by distributing loads symmetrically over the pins
  • Patented asymmetric scissor arms provide greater underside door clearance
  • Patented Door-sentry™ car door protectors are made from energy-absorbing rubber to protect against accidental scratches or door dings
  • Space-saving design is perfect for commercial or residential applications
  • Minimal footprint fits a typical parking space
  • Hydraulic safety valves (velocity fuses) prevent sudden, unexpected platform collapse in the unlikely event of hydraulic system failure
  • UL Listed electrical components meet National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements

Autostacker, BendPak, and the Autostacker and BendPak logos are all registered trademarks of BendPak Incorporated. Autostacker reserves the right to make product changes relating to colors, equipment, specifications or available options without notice. For more information, contact your Autostacker representative.


Lifting Capacity

  • 6,000 lbs. / 2,722 kg


  • Overall width: 103.2” / 2,620 mm
  • Overall length: 144” / 3,658 mm
  • Platform length: 124” / 3,150 mm
  • Platform width: 83.8” / 2,128 mm
  • Platform height (forward): 13” / 330 mm
  • Ramp height (entry): 2” / 51 mm
  • Under clearance on top lock: 80” / 2,032 mm


Standard - Power Unit Console

  • Single unit operation
  • Motor horsepower: 2HP
  • Power consumption: 1,500 Watts
  • Motor voltage: 208-240V, 50/60Hz / 1Ph
  • Starting amps: 25A
  • Normal running amps: 12-18A

    Optional - Multi-Unit Power Unit Console

  • Operates up to 14 lifts
  • Motor horsepower: 7.5 HP
  • Power consumption: 5,600 Watts
  • Motor voltage: 208-230V/460 VAC, 50/60Hz / 3Ph
  • Starting amps 208-230V: 25A
  • Normal running amps 208-230V: 12-18A
  • Starting amps 460V: 10A
  • Normal running amps 460V: 6-9A


  • 52 db

Special voltages available upon request.

What's Included

  • Right side scissors superstructure
  • Left side scissors superstructure
  • Front wheel trough
  • Ramp assembly with logo plate
  • Lower front tie-bar
  • Galvanized decking sections
  • Front tire stops
  • Power unit control console
  • Complete assembly parts package including all fasteners, hoses, fittings & anchor bolts
  • Installation and operators manual

Speed of Rise

  • Standard power unit console: 35 seconds
  • Optional multi-unit power unit console: 20 seconds

Shipping Weight

  • 3,350 lbs. / 1,530 kg.

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