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Autostacker offers the slickest home and professional parking lift system the world has ever seen. Our fully collapsible design is available for free shipping throughout most of the United States, but we can also ship worldwide. While we don’t currently offer free shipping on international orders, talk to an Autostacker representative to see how we can meet your individual needs without breaking the bank.

A globally minded plan for success

The Autostacker name in the parking lift industry is just getting started. We will soon have distribution networks across the globe that make free and/or reduced shipping options available to more people than ever before. Still, we have the complete means to ship anywhere you need a car lift in your home garage or business.

How does an order ship internationally?

The logistics are the easy part for us. When an order is placed, an Autostacker representative will discuss the best way to get your parking lift to your location. In basically every case, this means water-based freight delivery. Smaller parts and components may ship by air, depending on time-sensitivity of the delivery, package weight, cost, etc. Travel times may vary, but we try to move things as long as quickly as possible.

International distributors

We don’t currently have a call out for international distributors, but we’re always open to the discussion. The parking lift game is not an easy one to play, as it requires an enormous reach and substantial ties to the community, as well as marketing resources to get the word out. For that reason, we don’t sell at high-volume “distributor rates” (which would have to be determined on a case-by-case basis) to just anyone. A prospective international distributor of our parking lifts has to be prepared with real numbers and data to prove their mettle. If you think you have what it takes—and can sell our parking lifts in your region better than we can—we’re all ears!

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