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The Autostacker service plan

With three decades of experience installing car lifts across the country, in all weather and garage conditions, there’s nothing we aren’t prepared to deal with. Our worldwide network of installers is second-to-none. In fact, Autostacker is part of the BendPak Certified Service™ network, the same award-winning service network every third-party BendPak car lift installer needs to obtain. We’ll hook you up with the installer and service provider closest to you that offers competitive rates and trusted results.

Autostacker is a home car lift meant to last for many years to come, and it hardly requires any maintenance or service over time. That being said, it’s still important from a general safety perspective to perform annual “check-ups” on your lift. Semi-annual reviews are necessary for lifts used in multi-family homes or high-volume parking lots/facilities. A service review should be conducted by a professional, and he/she will look for signs of wear, damage, stress, overloading, worn parts and components, proper motor function, etc. These reviews should be considered essential, just as our own health check-ups occur should annually, regardless of how “well” we may feel.

Contact your Autostacker representative for information about setting up a service plan for your parking lift.

Installation is fast, easy and affordable

We’re not just going to leave you hanging with the pieces of an unassembled parking lift scattered around your driveway. Our team can help you find a local certified installer that can handle 100% of the job. They might even be the same service than performs yearly maintenance on your lift!

An emphasis on customer care

Our customer service team can troubleshoot most issues remotely with easy-to-understand directions that come from the nation’s leading parking lift experts. Our staff is highly trained and provides fast, accurate, individually assessed solutions. We have the tools and equipment necessary to quickly dispatch a tech with any replacement parts/components in the rare case that it becomes necessary to do so.

Hold us accountable

Don’t take our word for it—tell us how we’re doing! Our customer service surveys have a direct impact on our work. They’re a big part of our data-driven approach to provide you with better, higher-value service. Something you didn’t like about your experience? Tell us! Think your parking lift is the bomb and want to shout it from the rooftops? Tell everyone!

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