Connect 10 Autostacker Lifts to 1 Multi-Unit Power Console

Home garage owners, auto shops and parking garages with just one or two Autostacker units may be comfortable with the standard one-unit, one-lift setup. (That is, each Autostacker has its own dedicated power unit.) However, a multi-unit power console accommodates up to 10 lifts. Even if your business only has three or four Autostackers installed, a multi-unit power console will save space and future-proof your capabilities for when you decide to increase your parking capacity with additional lifts. There's simply no smarter way to turn 10 parking spaces into 20 than to take full advantage of Autostacker's breakthrough, multi-unit capabilities.

How Autostacker's Multi-Unit Power Console Works

10 Autostackers are able to connect to a single, multi-unit power console. Since Autostacker requires no side posts to support its structure, stringing Autostacker alongside other units requires less space than you may think. With the multi-unit power console as the chosen power source for your fleet, each connected lift can be operated via the MPU control kit (more below), a small, virtually zero-footprint mini-console that extends off the back of each lift. This exclusive setup makes car lift operation possible from the location of each individual lift, which increases safety, efficiency and ease-of-use.

Autostacker's MPU Control Kit

A sleek look, small footprint and safe, ergonomic design make Autostacker's MPU control kit the easiest way to control multiple lifts from a single, industrial-grade power unit. Each MPU control kit is built to last. Solenoid valves permit safe switching, which is ideal when multiple lifts are strung together. Solenoids are also known to last longer than other valve types, so your investment is unlikely to ever require maintenance down the road. A welded steel control stand comes in a weatherproof box, so each Autostacker can be operated inside or out, rain or shine. A built-in key switch ensures no one is accidentally pushing the Up or Down button at an inopportune time, and just like on our standard power unit, an emergency stop button and audible alarm/light provide all the safety assurance you need to work fast, smart and worry-free.

Units Pay Off

By investing in our multi-unit power console, you're getting a lot more power and saving a ton of space that would otherwise have to accommodate up to 10 power units. Not only that, the multi-unit power supply pays for itself after the seventh unit is added. So, if you're serious about significantly increasing your garage or lot's parking capacity, Autostacker is the only post-free, fully collapsible parking lift that will save you more space than any other design, all while permitting safe operation from a single power source. You'll be amazed how quickly your investment pays off.

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