The Better Indoor Parking Garage Solution

Using Autostacker Parking Lift for your indoor parking garage

Whatever the size of your indoor parking garage, Autostacker is clever where other lifts are clunky; it fits snug and secure where other lifts scrape the walls. Multiple units stack side-by-side, free of columns or side-posts, where other parking lifts use more steel and take up more space, reducing your garage’s parking capacity.

Efficiency matters

Valet parking garages are common in many urban centers, and repeat customers are essential to continued success. Customers expect convenience, friendliness and timeliness from the company or garage they park with. One of the problems parking garages face is the sheer size of their lots. When valets have to take long, slow elevator trips or walk long distances to find a parked vehicle, they’re simply burning time.

Autostacker is a parking lift that fully collapses without any side posts, which means it stacks easily next to other Autostacker units. Its clever ability to fit in more places than virtually any other lift makes it an ideal time-saving solution. If there are vehicles you know don’t have to be moved for extended periods of time, keep them in the upper locked position. Meanwhile, you’re free to cycle vehicles in and out of the lower level. A busy parking garage outfitted with parking lifts will pay for itself quickly.

Space saved, parking added

It’s not only faster turnaround and less walking for you when vehicles are parked with Autostacker. Parking lifts reduce the real estate needed to achieve any desired number of parking spaces. Real estate, being the most expensive investment you can make, can cost an arm and a leg. If you could operate your garage with the same number of parking spaces in half the square footage (using multiple Autostacker parking lifts), why wouldn’t you?

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