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Outdoor parking lots face a unique set of challenges. An outdoor lot leaves vehicles exposed to the elements and is often smaller than an indoor parking structure. By adding parking lifts to a small lot, however, smart owners can nearly double their parking capacity. To do this, an outdoor lot requires a parking lift that’s weatherproof, durable and compact enough to fit multiple units (and help earn as much extra cash as possible). At the same time, it needs to be wide enough to accommodate light trucks and some SUVs.

Weatherproof, durable and easy on the eyes

Autostacker’s cold-rolled galvanized steel platform is completely rust-proof, so it can get rained on, covered in oil and abused by Father Time for many years of money-making service. If your parking lift is going to be installed in an indoor/outdoor garage area (in an enclosed area but open to the elements most of the time), you need something like Autostacker that can stand up hardily against changing temperatures, abrasive chemicals, etc. The pantograph-style arms and frame are made from heavy-duty, powder coated stainless steel. As long as you perform your small occasional monthly maintenance, you have very little upkeep to worry about.

Weatherproof Parking Lift


At about 103” wide, Autostacker fits into most parking spaces. Its roomy drive-through clearance accommodates most light-duty trucks and SUVs. Any smaller, even two-door sedans would be a tight squeeze. Any bigger, the footprint would violate our goal of making the most efficient and compact parking lift the world has ever seen. When you look at Autostacker, you don’t just see “compact.” You see an amazing design that’s every bit as safe, versatile and rugged as it looks.

Compact parking lift

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